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I have been delivering software solutions since the 1980's. I began my career as a developer and architect using Microsoft technologies. I always had a passion when it comes to software. Since my early days, I worked evenings and weekends learning the next new thing.

I have consulted at many firms, large and small in the Delaware Valley. This has exposed me to both the good and the bad in the software world. Seeing things done right and perhaps more importantly wrong gives me a unique perspective on delivering software.

In 2006, I began to focus on delivering software following Agile principles. I discovered that practicing Agile is hard. As I moved between various consulting assignments, I noticed many firms missed some fundamental points of agile. It is easy to follow the steps but miss the point of Agile and thus dilute much of its value. I discovered that I have a knack for noticing these deficiencies and recommending alternatives that make a difference. Contact me today to discuss your needs.

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Selected References

Chuck LaBarre - VP, Integrated Technologies ENI

I've worked with Scott Ocamb on several software development initiatives. In his position with Prime Technology group, Scott would direct and manage software development projects for my company. I was lucky to meet Scott and learn from him regarding how Agile/Scrum assists with any project. I consider Scott an industry leader in Scrum/Agile practice and methodology. He is an excellent instructor in Agile/Scrum and could help any organization get more done, faster, and more effectively through focus on the tenants and principles of Agile. For those firms where Agile development is already in play, Scott can quickly review and identify how the practice can improve and through coaching, he can make sure that everyone on the team is trained. I'd welcome working with Scott in future engagements!

Lisa Robbins - Law School Admissions Council

We would like to take the opportunity to describe the work that Roadmap to Agile consulting services, and, specifically, Scott Ocamb, performed for us here at the Law School Admission Council.

Once LSAC made the decision to update our software development methodology from Waterfall to Agile, we immediately contacted Scott Ocamb to shepherd us through this process.  Scott lead us through this transition with skill and patience.  He recognized the road blocks we were facing and tackled each one by presenting well thought-out options to aid in understanding and communicating the implications of those choices.

Scott documented and instituted all necessary steps (meetings, reviews, etc.) for each team and even took on the role of JIRA software guru.  When we had questions on how to use the software for specific scenarios, Scott would take the time to research the best way to use JIRA for what we wanted.  

Scott coached each of the new Product Owners and Scrum Masters, on a one-on-one basis so that each could learn at their own pace.   He moderated each team, helping them learn how to work together efficiently.  We were very lucky to have Scott as an expert resource and I honestly do not think we would have been successful in our undertaking without him.

Thank you, Scott!

Erik Krajnikovich - Director of Agile Development at LAW SCHOOL ADMISSIONS COUNCIL

Scott's been a huge asset in transitioning LSAC to scrum through education and leadership of Agile principles. Scott's attitude and work ethic were truly appreciated, he always had suggested solutions to problems, needed little to no guidance on day to day activities and was well received by the teams he coached. Scott was very effective at applying his deep knowledge of Agile in practice. I will miss working with Scott and wish him the best in future endeavors. 

Darren Talham - Chief Software Architect at FideliTrade

Scott and I worked together for over a year at FideliTrade where he played a critical role in transforming the development group into an Agile Scrum team. Scott was extremely effective at introducing Scrum to the business owners and stakeholders, and he quickly gained their confidence and buy-in for the Scrum methodology. During his tenure, he built two Scrum teams from the ground up and acted as Scrum Master and Agile Coach for the organization.

Scott has thorough knowledge of the Agile Scrum methodology, and his knowledge goes far beyond theory. He is very hands on and is able to take complicated and difficult concepts and turn them into working processes. Not only did Scott implement our Agile process, he also configured and managed our toolsets to fit our specific needs. When Scott left us we had a fully functioning Agile process in place as well as all the tools we need to keep the process running smoothly.

In addition to his Agile expertise, Scott has expert knowledge of the DevOps approach to software delivery. He was instrumental in setting up our DevOps procedures on Azure, and helped us automate our build and release pipelines integrating Team Services and Azure.

I highly recommend Scott for any organization looking to implement an Agile process, or improve on their existing processes. Scott's knowledge and experience, along with his passion, guarantees that he will add value everywhere he goes.

Leonard Minner - VP Accounting and Information Services at FideliTrade

I hired Scott to assist us as the Scrum Master in implementing multiple high priority projects with an aggressive goal for completion. Scott was tasked with introducing the Agile method of software development to our business owners and a team of developers that were also new to our organization. He presented a series of well-prepared presentations which resulted in quick adoption by the business owners. As our Scrum Master, Scott’s in-depth knowledge and experience was evident from the onset. Scott is very articulate and communicates extremely well. He quickly identifies potential violations to principals and presents solutions effectively. Scott is well respected by our team and played a key role in helping us achieve our goals.

Scott’s interested in everything that surrounds the software development process and is persistent in determining the most efficient solutions. Scott is resourceful and uses all methods available to resolve an issue or enhance a process. Scott’s strong skills in the Visual Studio Team Services tool was invaluable. One of our biggest issues during the process was compliance requirements. We are required to comply with an SSAE SOC1 audit on a regular basis which forced us to employ an inefficient time intensive workaround for the actual release of software to the production environment. Scott found the workaround to be unacceptable and was persistent in developing and testing alternate solutions using the tool. This paid off significantly. He established a solution that utilizes the automated features of Team Services that meets the SOC1 requirements. This solution is already saving our team a great deal of time and eliminates errors that were inherent in the manual process. Three words that best describe Scott are motivated, resourceful and persistent. It was a pleasure having Scott on our team and I will absolutely consider him for future consulting needs.

James J. Sloan - Global CTO & Executive VP at Prime Technologies

Scott did an outstanding job at Prime in helping to develop our SDLC and Agile processes. A dynamic leader, Scott contributed significantly to the thought process, management and execution of our most critical projects. Scott has excellent technical background and aptitude, and great energy and initiative in getting things done. He will be a tremendous asset on any team he chooses to join.

Julianne Drake - EVP Client Services at Prime Technologies

Scott is a seasoned technologist and one of the most passionate people I know regarding software development, especially Agile methodology. His commitment to his work coupled with his years of experience, positions him to add value to any organization. I highly recommend Scott to lead development teams, drive process improvements and streamline delivery organizations.

Brian Kennedy - Technology Executive at Kintyer Solutions

Scott is one of the best project/scrum masters I've worked with. He knows the best practices like very few others do, and it makes him a great asset to any agile software development project, to a consulting company, and to customers and other key stakeholders. He is passionate and genuinely concerned about his work, and success of everyone who he is working with. I'm looking forward to teaming up with Scott again when the opportunity presents itself.

Tom Schaible - Senior Engineer - Software Development at Johnson & Johnson

Scott is an excellent project manager. He consistently provided results as a project manager for several large software projects at LifeScan.

His knowledge of agile software development is superb. He not only served as an excellent resource, but also acted as a mentor to our team as we adopted agile development practices. Additionally, he acted as a change agent, focusing on the big picture, and was a consistent source in driving continuous improvement in our group.