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Atlassian products for agile teams. Jira Core is the base product. It provides teams with the ability to enter and track Issues or work items for projects. These Issues can be customized to be any type of entity required. JIRA ships with some pre-configured Issues like Bug, Task and Improvement. These issues define the work necessary to complete a project. Issues may be configured with custom fields and screens that meet almost any need.

Issues have States that an are moved through in the issue's life.These states are used to track the progress of a project. States are also configurable. JIRA ships with defaults like Open, In Progress, Closed and Re-Opened.

The transition between states is managed by a sophisticated and flexible workflow engine. A default workflow is included but may be modified as needed. Additional workflow definitions may be developed as needed.

JIRA Software is intended for software delivery teams and incorporates Kanban and Scrum. Kanban boards can be developed that use the workflow states as Kanban columns. All of the workflow rules are utilized on Kanban Boards.

Scrum supports the use of Story Points and Ideal Hours for estimation. In addition, Burn Down Charts are used to monitor progress on sprints. Burn Up Charts are used to monitor progress on a release and predict optimistic and pessimistic delivery dates using velocity as basis for the calculation.

Confluence is a very easy to use and powerful wiki. It can be used to elaborate on User Stories when more detail is required. The wiki page that contains these details is tightly integrated with the corresponding User Story. Confluence can also be used for meetings and Retrospectives. Retrospectives are tightly integrated with the associated sprint.

We have a detailed understanding of all of these features in these three products. Services we offer are:

  • Custom development of Issue types, fields and screens
  • Custom development of workflows and integration with Kanban and Scrum Boards
  • Custom development of Scrum and Kanban Boards.
  • Training on the use of the products including a half day jump start class that will have your team productive in JIRA the very next day.
  • A Confluence wiki than documents the use of Atlassian tools for your team. This wiki can easily be modified to meet your delivery needs.

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