Welcome to the Roadmap to Agile. This website is only a small portion of the Roadmap. 


Much of the Roadmap is in our Roadmap To Agile Wiki. We choose wiki technology because it is very easy to collaborate with our partners and very easy to update.

The Roadmap is implemented using a set of diagrams with links that explain its details. Using this approach we "Peel the onion" and go deeper and deeper into the practice of agile.

You will gain knowledge from any one of the wiki articles. Each article can be read in fifteen minutes or less.


If you want to help maintain the Wiki and aid the agile community, I would love to hear from you. Visit the Contact page and let me know of your interest. I have a limited number of user licenses available for contributors.

We use Atlassian tools because they are good and cost effective. The wiki is authored using Confluence. We also have Jira and Jira Agile. If you are selected as a partner you are free to use these tools to experiment with the Scrum and Kanban tools that come with the product. 

 My Blog

I have a blog titled OcambOnConsulting. I publish my thoughts on consulting in general. There is agile slant but there is also other useful information there.

I also maintain a section on Useful Information on this site where I keep links to websites, books and videos that I have found significant.