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I have been delivering software solutions since the 1980's. I began my career as a developer and architect using Microsoft technologies. I always had a passion when it comes to software. Since my early days, I worked evenings and weekends learning the next new thing.

I have consulted at dozens of firms, large and small in the Delaware Valley. This has exposed me to both the good and the bad in the software world. Seeing things done right and perhaps more importantly wrong gives me a unique perspective on delivering software.

In 2006, I began to focus on delivering software following Agile principles. I discovered that practicing Agile is hard. As I moved between various consulting assignments, I noticed many firms missed some fundamental points of agile. It is easy to follow the steps but miss the point of Agile and thus dilute much of its value. I discovered that I have a knack for noticing these deficiencies and recommending alternatives that make a difference.

Risk Free Pricing for New Customers

Agile philosophy embraces small batch sizes and short Build - Measure - Learn feedback cycles. I incorporate this idea for customers who have never worked with me before.

Every situation is different but in general an engagement with me begins with a short discovery phase of a week or two. If you are following Scrum, the timing of the phase coincides with the Scrum cycle. I attend the Scrum meetings so I can observe the team.  If your team is new to agile I interview stake holders and together we come to and understand about how agile would work in your firm.

The discovery phase typically consumes 30 - 40 billable hours. The discovery phase is at a highly discounted rate.

The deliverable of the Discovery Phase is a detailed set of recommendations. If you are happy my work, we work together to develop a statement of work to implement any necessary improvements. This will be billed at the normal rate for as long as you need me.

If you are not happy with my work, you are not obligated to pay for the discovery phase. My hope is, new customers will feel comfortable working with me for the first time.

Contact me today to discuss your needs.

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Phone – 484-467-8541
Twitter - @ScottOcamb
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Selected Recommendations

Darren Talham - Chief Software Architect at FidleiTrade

Scott and I worked together for over a year at FideliTrade where he played a critical role in transforming the development group into an Agile Scrum team. Scott was extremely effective at introducing Scrum to the business owners and stakeholders, and he quickly gained their confidence and buy-in for the Scrum methodology. During his tenure, he built two Scrum teams from the ground up and acted as Scum Master and Agile Coach for the organization.

Scott has thorough knowledge of the Agile Scrum methodology, and his knowledge goes far beyond theory. He is very hands on and is able to take complicated and difficult concepts and turn them into working processes. Not only did Scott implement our Agile process, he also configured and managed our toolsets to fit our specific needs. When Scott left us we had a fully functioning Agile process in place as well as all the tools we need to keep the process running smoothly.

In addition to his Agile expertise, Scott has expert knowledge of the DevOps approach to software delivery. He was instrumental in setting up our DevOps procedures on Azure, and helped us automate our build and release pipelines integrating Team Services and Azure.

I highly recommend Scott for any organization looking to implement an Agile process, or improve on their existing processes. Scott's knowledge and experience, along with his passion, guarantees that he will add value everywhere he goes.


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