My Name is Scott Ocamb

I have been delivering software solutions since the 1980's. I have consulted at many firms, large and small. This has exposed me to both the good and the bad in the software world. Seeing things done right and perhaps more importantly wrong gives me a unique perspective on delivering software.

I offer my services in Agile Coaching, Dev Ops and as Scrum Master. I have a long history of happy customers and successful projects. I am confident that I can make a difference at your firm and your team. Contact Me today to discuss your software delivery needs.

Client List


Law School Admission Council
Mortgage Ramp
Towers Perrin


Project Management Institute
Access Group
Prime Technology
Turnberry Solutions
Rohm & Haas
Public Service Electric and Gas (Nuclear Division)

Hot Topics

  • Value of Agile Presentation - I spoke at the Philadelphia .Net user group and Code Camp a number of times. A video of my presentation is available here. The Power Point from the presentation is available here.

  • Open Discussions - I offer a set of low cost discussions about Agile and DevOps. Have a look and see if it would be helpful to you.

  • What I Read - Have a look at the books I have read and recommend.

  • Greatness - by David Marquet - This short video describes in a very creative manner how David Marquet, the captain of a nuclear submarine turned it from the worst-performing submarine in its fleet to the best. We can all learn much from his management style.

  • Little’s Flaw - Excellent video about how easy it is to miss use Little’s Law.

  • How Kanban Helps us Move Beyond the Traditional PMO to 21st Century Portfolio Management - See how to use Kanban to manage a PMO process.

  • Product Owner In a Nutshell - This is the best single video I have seen on agile. Its title focuses on the product owner but it really covers all of agile delivery.

  • Spotify Culture - Part 1 and Spotify Culture - Part 2 are two excellent videos that describe the agile culture at Spotify.

  • Agile at Microsoft- This video discusses how Microsoft went from delivering a product every three years to shipping into production every three weeks.

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